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Kitchener Avenue, Gauteng, Johannesburg
063 227 1058
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We are a small, family-run cats only boarding facility and accommodation in Kensington. We run a small, modern, comfortable and very quiet cattery in Oakham, Rutland.

Because it's in our walled garden, it's very secure and easily seen from the house. We only take cats – we have no other animals.

We are animal lovers and passionate about cats. We have been regular volunteers at an animal rescue centre for some years, so we have experience of our feline friends. We also have our own cats so we understand how important they are as part of the family.

As a husband and wife team, we will look after your cats as if they were our own, getting to know them very well and vice versa. We will give each cat in our care individual attention to make sure that it settles, eats regularly and is made to feel at home and we will become sensitive to any changes in health or behaviour.

This is a small and friendly cattery that offers generous amounts of pampering, good food, comfort and spotlessly clean accommodation that will have your cat purring and wanting you to go on holiday more often.

Happy Cat Hotel is personally run and supervised by the owners, and you can rest assured that your feline friends stay with us will be a happy, comfortable, stress-free and pleasurable one.

We understand concerns when you have to be parted from your feline friend, as pet owners ourselves we fully understand what it feels like.
Our exclusive cat units, oodles of care and attention and feline friendly approach will soon have your treasure feeling happy and secure.

We were encouraged to set up a cat boarding facility when we were disillusioned with "normal" kennelling facilities and wanted somewhere for our cats to holiday in a safe, stress-free and fun environment with caring, empathetic people who have an innate understanding and love for cats. We established our cattery based on our love of cats. We found a need for better boarding than the usual "cage" that is typically offered for cat boarding.

We DO NOT have any staff! Cats are only ever handled, fed, exercised, cleaned up after and LOVED by the owners of the cattery. This means we know IMMEDIATELY if your cats are not eating, not well or have upset tummies. It also means that we very quickly learn each pet's idiosyncrasies, habits, likes and dislikes and don't rely on 3rd hand information. We live on the property so there is 24-hour supervision.

We offer on-site care, 24 hours a day and we have a passion for fine feline accommodations. This is not a kennel; this is a fantastic cat boarding resort.

There are no barking dogs! Just peace and tranquility.

Whether you're traveling on vacation or business, remodeling your home, or dealing with an unforeseen event that leaves your cat needing a caring place to stay, we will do everything to ensure your kitty's stay is secure, pleasant, and peaceful. We are here for the cats and respect their wishes. It's all about them.
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